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Assessments & Reporting

Academic Approach provides rigorous benchmark assessments that align to the PSAT, SAT, ACT and more. Our range of assessments mirrors the key content and skills of these exams, and our online reporting tools provide actionable data to help guide instruction.

About Our Assessments

Every assessment is validated to mirror the skills and level of rigor on the official tests. They are available both digitally and on paper to mimic the test-taking experience and minimize instructional disruption.


A comprehensive series of validated, full-length ACT tests designed to provide an ongoing measure of a student’s progress.


A suite of validated, full-length digital SAT tests that consistently gauge a student’s progress on college-readiness skills.


Tailored, grade-specific assessments aligned to high-impact standards and designed for completion within a single class period.


Ready-to-use formative assessments that are meticulously aligned with high-impact standards, catering specifically to both the SAT and ACT formats.

Proven Results, Impactful Changes

Data-driven success that supports our commitment to excellence

In the 2022-2023 school year, students who took our ACT classroom course gained 2.5 points, on average.

11th grade students who received SAT Academic Approach services gained 76 points, on average.

+ 0
Average ACT Score Growth
+ 0
Average SAT Score Growth

Centralized Reporting

All of our assessments come with exclusive access to MyAcademicApproach.com—our advanced online reporting and data analytics platform. Our state-of-the-art reports delve deep into student performance metrics, correlating results with multiple standard systems like the Common Core State Standards, SAT Domains and Dimensions, and College and Career Readiness Standards.

The output? Highly actionable data that provides real-time student achievement data to drive curriculum mapping and lesson planning. Track mastery of key college-readiness skills and growth over time by class, student, or group. These reports empower educators with the data they need to deliver instruction that is targeted and transformative.

In-Depth Insights with MyAcademicApproach.com

With our online reporting system at MyAcademicApproach.com, we take the heavy lifting out of analyzing scores, offering multi-tiered insights that cater to the school, classroom, and individual student levels

Question Item Analysis

Item-by-item analysis to show accuracy by standard or lesson category and pinpoint misconceptions.

Topic Analysis

Detailed breakdowns of accuracy (by standard or lesson category) allow educators to determine the highest frequency and high-need standards for their distinct student groups.

Student Reports

Reports personalized for each student that capture their overall accuracy, question type mastery, and focused analysis.

Did you know you can build custom assessments with Academic Approach?