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Formative Assessment Builder (FAB)

Formative assessments stand as a cornerstone in modern education, providing educators with crucial insights into student understanding, identifying areas of need, and monitoring academic progress throughout a course or lesson. But what if there was a way to make this process even more streamlined and powerful?

Introducing Academic Approach's Formative Assessment Builder (FAB)

Our assessment platform allows you to create skills-based, standards-aligned, formative assessments that track student growth of essential skills throughout the year. FAB is an educator’s partner in enhancing student readiness throughout the academic year.

Features of FAB:

Expansive Question Bank

Over 12,000 ACT-aligned items and 10,000 SAT-aligned items, expertly crafted to bolster college readiness skills. Whatever your specific need, there’s a question tailored to match it.

Ready-to-Use Assessments

Don’t have the time to curate a unique assessment? FAB has over 80 ACT-aligned and 100 Digital SAT-aligned pre-made assessments that specifically target high-frequency skills.

Customizable Experience

Teachers can create a range of assessments—from bell ringers and exit tickets to in-depth mastery quizzes. Create rigorous standard-aligned assessments that complement your units and lessons.

Streamlined Grading Portal

Say goodbye to manual grading stress. Our digital portal grades student submissions immediately, providing instant feedback to teachers and students. 

Data-Driven Feedback

FAB generates a range of reports, including Question and Answer, Standard Analysis, and more, to create actionable insights that ensure teaching remains dynamic, responsive, and impactful.


Dive into samples of our Formative Assessment Builder (FAB) — a platform designed for educators. 

With FAB, you can craft standards-aligned, skills-based formative assessments that keenly monitor student progression in core competencies throughout the year. 

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