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Math Enrichment

The journey from foundational math to college-level rigor requires precise navigation. With research revealing significant learning loss, especially in math, there’s an imperative need for solutions that not only identify these gaps but provide actionable strategies to bridge them.


In the world of academics, mathematical proficiency stands out as a cornerstone of college readiness. However, current research on learning loss has illuminated an alarming trend, particularly in the realm of math. Many students are re-entering the academic space with considerable gaps, retaining potentially less than half of the math curriculum from their previous year of study. The challenges presented by our Math Enrichment Courses, as a bridge to higher-level mathematics and critical thinking, make addressing these gaps crucial.

Our Math Enrichment Courses

Mathematical Foundations

Algebra II for College-Level Rigor

Math for the Real World

Our Approach

Our comprehensive 8-hour courses dive deep into pivotal mathematics concepts. Topics such as nonlinear equations and functions are explored, ensuring students grasp them at the level of rigor expected in college-level math courses. This meticulous approach ensures that educators have the tools they need and students are well-prepared for the challenges of higher education.

Our Math Enrichment Includes:

Classroom Instruction

Up to 8 hours of classroom instruction taught by our highly-trained, expert instructors at local high schools or online.

A Snapshot of Learning Loss

Our initial assessment offers a validated snapshot of where your students stand, setting the groundwork to monitor progress toward college readiness.

Practice Materials

1 Practice Assessment and Mastery Quizzes

High-Impact Standards in a User-Friendly Format

Our easy-to-administer, online assessments focus on high-impact math standards to ensure student mastery of key skills. 

Guidance Beyond Assessments

Understanding data is one thing, but translating it into effective teaching is another. We offer teacher coaching focused on delivering rigorous instruction, as well as data analysis conferences that pivot towards targeted teaching strategies.

Sample Course Materials

At Academic Approach, we believe in the power of quality education, and this extends to the expert crafting of our course materials. Each resource is the result of countless hours of dedication from our team of experts, designed to embody the unique Academic Approach philosophy.

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Math PD Sample

Math Syllabus Example

Math Coursebook Sample

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