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Teacher Preparation: Empowering Educators

We believe in a holistic educational approach, where success is measured by student outcomes and the continuous professional growth of educators. We work alongside school leadership and faculty to integrate skill-based test preparation into the curriculum by marrying data, research, and experiential learning.

Proven Results, Impactful Changes

Data-driven success that supports our commitment to excellence

97% of teachers affirm the positive impact our professional development has on their classrooms.

In the 2022-2023 school year, students who took our classroom courses gained 77 points, on average, on the SAT.

We’re proud to partner with over 133 schools, districts, and organizations across 14 states, and we’re ready to partner with you!

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Average SAT Score Growth

Comprehensive Professional Development Offerings

  • Introductory Sessions: An orientation to college entrance exams and their assessed skills. These include:
    • ACT’s College and Career-Readiness Standards
    • Digital SAT’s Domains and Dimensions
    • Common Core State Standards
  • Data Conferences: Analyze big picture and individual score data, high-impact standard outcomes, and individual test questions for rigor and instructional implications.
  • Digital SAT Instructional Strategies Workshops: Understand assessment rigor and reflect on the digital SAT to adapt current instructional practices.
  • Custom Sessions: We work hand-in-hand with educators and administrators to create professional development sessions that address your specific needs, whether that includes a focus on concrete strategies in reading and math or increasing rigor in classrooms.

Our Promise to Educators and Administrators:

Responsive Instructional Development

We use research and data to tailor instructional strategies to ensure a dynamic interplay between various departments, thereby amplifying students’ college-readiness skills.

Best Practice Implementation

Our approach isn’t just theoretical; it’s deeply practical. We introduce research-backed practices, encouraging faculty to assimilate these into their teaching methodologies to foster mastery of essential college-readiness skills.

Empowering Through Assessments

We provide faculty with tools and strategies to construct meaningful assessments, analyze student progress, and drive forward with data-informed instructional planning.

Sample Materials

Explore samples of our specialized professional development toolkit and reporting dashboard, designed to empower you in nurturing student success. 

For additional samples, feel free to reach out to us.

Math PD Sample

Reading PD Sample

Sample Question / Answer Report

Sample Test Overview Report

Sample Topic Analysis Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Each professional development session is tailored based on your school’s or organization’s objectives for the year, ensuring consistent relevance and impactful outcomes.

Four weeks. This ensures optimal preparation and availability. However, we strive to be flexible and will always endeavor to accommodate specific requests.

Typically 60-90 minutes. We understand the demands on educators’ schedules, and therefore our sessions are crafted to be comprehensive yet concise.

Every session is led by a member of our School Programs team. They possess extensive classroom teaching experience, a deep understanding of college-readiness pedagogy, and proficiency with the MyAcademicApproach.com portal. Click here to view our facilitators’ bios.

We offer both online and in-person sessions, adapting to what’s most convenient for you.

We assess the alignment of our training with your educational goals through surveys and student outcomes.

Educators will have continuous access to our resources, toolkits, and support systems. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every educator feels equipped and empowered throughout their teaching journey.

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Empower your educators with targeted professional development sessions.