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Digital SAT

The SAT is changing to a digital and adaptive format, beginning in Fall 2023 for the PSATs and Spring 2024 for the SAT. Academic Approach has successfully guided schools through previous redesigns of the SAT, and this time is no different. Whether you’re seeking professional development for your teachers or digital curriculum to prepare your students for the new tests, our experts are ready to help your school with this transition.

The New Digital SAT

What's Staying the Same

What’s Changing

An Overview of the Digital SAT Exam

The digital SAT, a standardized test widely utilized for college admissions in the United States, serves as a critical benchmark for assessing a student’s college readiness. The digital SAT is an adaptive exam that is composed of two sections: Reading and Writing and Mathematics.

The difficulty of the second module of each section will be determined by how the student performs on the first module, and it will either be, on average, easier than the first module, or more difficult. 

  • Reading and Writing Module 1 (32 minutes, 27 questions)
  • Reading and Writing Module 2 (32 minutes, 27 questions)
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • Math Module 1 (35 minutes, 22 questions)
  • Math Module 2 (35 minutes, 22 questions)

The Reading and Writing section is divided into two modules (each 32 minutes with 27 multiple-choice questions) and evaluates a student’s mastery of grammar and critical reading skills. In this newly-combined section, students will read 54 short passages, covering topics such as science, history, poetry, and drama and answer 54 discrete multiple-choice questions. The Reading and Writing section covers a range of crucial reading and English skills, such as evaluating word choice, discerning main ideas, and determining conventions of standard English. 

The Math section is divided into two modules (each 35 minutes with 22 questions) and covers arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, as well as trigonometry and complex algebra. The Math section tests students on both their conceptual understanding and computational accuracy. Questions will vary from multiple-choice to student-produced responses. 

Digital SAT Blogs

Digital SAT

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Digital SAT & PSAT: Same Answers, Different Scores?

The digital PSAT and SAT represent a significant shift in standardized testing, primarily due to their adaptive, modular structure rather than just the move to a digital format. This change deeply affects how students’ scores are calculated, making it crucial to understand the new scoring system, especially with the digital PSAT already in use and the digital SAT set to launch in March 2024.

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Engage your students with our classroom courses, designed to enhance confidence, promote critical thinking, and provide personalized test-taking strategies.

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Gain insights into student performance, identify instructional gaps, and target key skills with our in-depth assessments and reports​.

Teacher Preparation:

Customized professional development that deepens understanding of standards and assessments, and supports teachers in delivering data-driven instruction.

Free Resources:

Explore our downloadable resources, which includes sample quizzes and teacher guides, to help teachers prepare for the digital SAT.

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