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SAT Preparation for Schools

Our SAT Preparation Classroom Course will guide your high school students through the SAT’s unique challenges. We offer custom-designed courses that include a combination of regular practice tests, mastery quizzes, and comprehensive study materials to ensure your students are thoroughly prepared.

A New Digital SAT?!

The paper-and-pencil SAT as we know it is transitioning to a digital, adaptive format. Academic Approach is well-equipped to guide your schools through this significant change. 

The digital SAT will continue to test crucial skills in Math, Reading, and Writing, and continues to provide a holistic appraisal of a student’s academic prowess and potential. Our SAT classroom course will prepare your students with the skills necessary to excel on all college-readiness exams.  

There is much to learn about the new features of the digital exams—partner with Academic Approach to ensure your students are ready for these changes!

Our Approach

Whether facilitated by our dedicated team of Academic Approach instructors or led by your school staff, your students will embark on a compelling and transformative path toward SAT mastery with our Academic Approach program, tailored to meet their distinct academic profiles.

The process initiates with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, implemented to gauge your students’ competencies across the wide-ranging subjects and question categories inherent to the SAT. Using a data-driven approach, we pinpoint their strengths and areas needing further development.

Armed with this valuable information, our experts craft a potent classroom curriculum, specifically designed to boost SAT scores and foster essential academic skills that lay the foundation for collegiate success.

Our SAT Prep Courses Include:

Classroom Instruction

Up to 24 hours of classroom instruction taught by our highly trained, expert instructors at local high schools or online.

Practice Tests

Up to 3 full-length practice tests including the diagnostic assessment that provides a detailed analysis of individual student strengths/weaknesses.


Data-driven classroom instruction focused on a rigorous review of SAT topics.

+1,000 Practice Questions

Access to our course materials, which include thousands of review questions as well as homework sections, and additional practice tests.

Sample Course Materials

Our SAT course materials are crafted by our team of  instructional experts. Each resource is purposefully designed for teacher ease-of-use and to aid student mastery of essential SAT and college readiness skills. 

For more samples, please contact us.

About Our Curriculum


We recognize the overlapping areas of academic mastery required to prepare students for standardized tests (like the SAT) and for overall college readiness. We capitalize on these two goals by focusing our curriculum on the skills that will not only prepare students for the SAT but also benefit students' overall learning.


Our programs are crafted to bridge the gap between students’ current knowledge and advanced academic challenges, all with the goal of scaffolding towards college readiness. With every lesson, students deepen their foundation, building upon what they already know. Every stage in their learning is a structured elevation, cementing previous understanding while ushering in new insight.


Research shows that many students are not provided rigorous grade-level work in their classrooms, leading to gaps in students’ ability to succeed in post-secondary education. Our rigorous curriculum and focus on essential skills prepare students not only for the SAT but also for college-level courses.


Leveraging a data-driven approach to instruction, we pinpoint the most crucial skills for each student’s success on the SAT. Our customized course syllabi reflect the specific Reading, Writing, and Math knowledge for which students will be responsible.

An Overview of the Digital SAT Exam

The digital SAT, a standardized test widely utilized for college admissions in the United States, serves as a critical benchmark for assessing a student’s college readiness. The digital SAT is an adaptive exam that is comprised of two sections: Reading and Writing and Mathematics.

The content of the second module of each section will be determined by how the student performs on the first module, and will either be, on average, easier than the first module, or more difficult. 

  • Reading and Writing Module 1 (32 minutes, 27 questions)
  • Reading and Writing Module 2 (32 minutes, 27 questions)
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • Math Module 1 (35 minutes, 22 questions)
  • Math Module 2 (35 minutes, 22 questions)

The Reading and Writing section is divided into two modules (each 32 minutes with 27 multiple-choice questions) and evaluates a student’s mastery of grammar and critical reading skills. In this newly-combined section, students will read 54 short passages, covering topics such as science, history, poetry, and drama and answer 54 discrete multiple-choice questions. The Reading and Writing section covers a range of crucial reading and English skills, such as evaluating word choice, discerning main ideas, and determining conventions of standard English. 

The Math section is divided into two modules (each 35 minutes with 22 questions) and covers arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, as well as trigonometry and complex algebra. With questions varying from multiple-choice to student-produced responses, the Math section tests students on both their conceptual understanding and computational accuracy.

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