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Digital SAT Overview

The SAT is transitioning to a digital and adaptive format, offering faster scoring and a more personalized test experience. Discover how these changes affect test preparation and how Academic Approach can help.

As assessment technology changes, traditional methods of student assessment have been continuously reimagined and enhanced. College Board’s SAT suite of tests is no exception to this tend. The decision to transition the SAT from a paper-based to a digital and adaptive format reflects not only the changing landscape of education but also their commitment to providing a more accessible determination of students’ abilities. 


College Board asserts that the move to a digital SAT brings with it a range of benefits. It aligns with the reality of today’s students’ digital world. Students will still be assessed on the academic skills they use daily, such as literacy and problem-solving—but in a digital format.

The digital format also enables faster scoring. Results will be calculated and shared within days of testing, allowing teachers and students to gain timely insights into performance. This not only facilitates better self-assessment for students but also grants teachers and students the opportunity to plan next steps without unnecessary delays. 


Traditional paper-based tests offer a fixed set of questions for all examinees. In contrast, adaptive tests personalize the examination experience based on student readiness. The digital SAT will adjust the difficulty of the test based on student accuracy. This approach allows College Board to produce an accurate scaled score on a substantially shorter exam.  

As the digital SAT becomes the new standard, students can look forward to a more tailored  testing experience that aligns with both academic and digital literacy skills. However, students who plan to take the digital and adaptive SAT must prepare differently than before, and Academic Approach can help!

Academic Approach has developed curriculum and resources specifically designed for the digital SAT, and we can prepare teachers and students for the digital PSAT and SAT exams. To get started, see our Instructional Tips for the Digital SAT or schedule a consultation with an Academic Approach School Programs Director. 

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